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My selection criteria

My selection criteria have always been : first, authenticity . I have never retained anything other than objects that have been created with traditional tools and used for ritual or other purposes in their cultural context. Any object initially manufactured for commercial purposes is therefore systematically excluded. Then, age . Without obsessively speculating on age, which in the primary arts has little meaning except for archaeological pieces, objects have always been selected preferably for the traces left by time and by use (patinas, sacrificial charges, ritual projections, wear etc.) attraction that only can bring a venerable age with all its lived. So much the better, obviously, if by expertise we can estimate that an object falls within or approaches the period that we qualify as classic (late 19th / early 20th century). Finally, aesthetics and / or expressiveness . I have always tried to  only choose objects that posses plastic and expressive qualities able to eliciting this emotional reaction which founds their power.

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